Akira™ Fabrication Spaces

The mobile and versatile Akira™ range means it can be easily maneuvered to quickly adapt any space, at any time; ensuring that your space, specifically machinery, extraction, and benching, is no longer fixed and restrictive for the evolution of the subject within your school or college. Requirements in D&T and Engineering are continuously evolving, therefore, the ability to reconfigure your technical practical teaching environment is more important than ever.

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Because the fundamental elements of an Akira™ Fabrication space are mobile on casters, the whole space can be installed quickly by wheeling it into place - and can fit into any new build or refurbishment project.

To complete your new teaching space, essential consumables, and tooling are easy to select and can be added to your project order, ensuring speed and efficiency to get your space up and running.

From design to installation to aftercare and maintenance, the WF team is with you every step of the way – doing the hard work for you from start to finish!

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7 reasons to make your space flexible!
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The Akira Fabrication range includes any variation and mix of the following products, dependent on your requirements. Products can be purchased individually or as part of a new or refurbished project. The range is available in three standard colours. Kiwi Green, Onyx Grey, and Smoke Blue, and a choice of worktops in Concrete Grey or Vincenza Oak. 

What does an Akira™ Fabrication space look like?

To help you visualise what your Akira™ fabrication space could look like, here are three standard workshop configurations based on standard D&T room sizes. 

This room is 104 m² and can accommodate up to 24 students safely (within D&T H&S guidelines). 

This space easily accommodates at least one laser cutter, a range of stand-alone machinery, and Akira™ machinery benches for sanding, drilling, and cutting.

You can also fit in a sink area and a dedicated teacher space, plus a combination of extra mobile and static workbenches for general project work, and theory. Akira™ mobile benches offer under-bench storage for quick access to essential tools and consumables. Gone are the days of collating items before lessons, and having to pick items from across the room, or even another room to access what you need.

The mobile, heavy-duty Akira™ Store offers optimum storage and peace of mind that all of your equipment, tools & consumables including larger kit such as 3D Printers can be locked away in one place.

This room is 75 m² and can accommodate up to 20 students safely (within D&T H&S guidelines).

A standard classroom can now be converted easily into a full D&T fabrication space, including large machinery such as a laser cutter, and a range of Akira™ machinery benches for sanding, drilling, and cutting, plus a sink and teacher area.

Akira™ under-bench storage and the mobile Akira™ Store offer optimum storage for your equipment, tools & consumables.

The combination of static workbenches and Akira™ mobile benches for general project work create the perfect balance for teaching any fabrication project, from start to finish.

This room is 55 m² and can accommodate up to 24 students safely (within D&T H&S guidelines). 

From a general classroom to an existing D&T space, now even the smallest rooms can be transformed into the perfect fabrication space.

The example here includes a range of machinery benches for sanding, drilling, and cutting. A mix of static workbenches, and Akira™ mobile workbenches plus ample storage for easy access to your equipment and consumables.

Let us know the size of space you are working with and we will help you to create the perfect environment for embracing creativity and teaching fabrication.



2023 Fabrication Tools + Materials Selector

With years of experience completing Design and Technology installations across the globe, we have developed the perfect checklist including our most popular, best-selling equipment and consumables to kit out your new or refurbished fabrication space. 

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Akira™ WorkBench with Scrollsaw and Disc Sander

Akira™ WorkBench with Two Bench Drills

Akira™ WorkBench with Two Hegner Scrollsaws

Akira™ WorkBench with Pillar Drill and Hegner Scrollsaw

Akira™ WorkBench with Bandfacer and Hegner Scrollsaw

Akira™ MiniBench

Akira™ StorageBench

Akira™ WorkBench Elite

Akira™ WorkBench Standard 

Akira™ WorkBench Lite

Akira™ ShapeBench

Akira™ Store

Want more information on Akira™ products? Download
our brochure for more product detail...

7 reasons to make your space flexible!
Read our guide to find out why…