Robotics Arenas

Set up any space for robotics with AkiraTM.

Quick to set up and easy to remove; you can create a space for robotics activities in minutes.

The unique bumper system fits onto all AkiraTM WorkBenches without any tooling, and stores neatly under the WorkBench when not in use.

Set up in minutes

Create robotics arenas in a flash for your students to test and compete with their robotics creations.

The removable bumper system is set up in minutes, dismantled in seconds, and stored neatly under the workbench - leaving a heavy-duty workstation for other activities.

Teach robotics

A dedicated space is no longer a pre-requisite for running robotics.

The mobile nature of the AkiraTM WorkBenches let's you set up in any room, then break down at the end of the session.

Uncompromising quality

All AkiraTM frames carry a 25 year guarantee.

Coupled with a modular design, where individual components can be replaced at end of life, not only does the AkiraTM system have an excellent lifetime value, but also provides a sustainable option for your spaces.

How to plan a
robotics space.

This guide will support you in transforming any space - big or small - into an area for coding, testing and competing.

3 ways to get an AkiraTM robotics arena...


Our range of complete robotics arenas - the most simple way to buy and a good starting point for a pre-configured solution.

Build your own

Choose from standard arena sizes, storage options, and colours to create a package unique to your activities and setting. 

Custom shape

Looking for a different shape or size than our standard arenas? Completely customise your setup down to each bumper component.


Robotics Arena Full Storage

Size 3
Smoke Blue / Vicenza Oak

Robotics Arena Lite

Size 2
Vicenza Oak

Robotics Arena Full Storage

Size 3
Kiwi Green / Vicenza Oak

Robotics Arena Full Storage

Size 3
Onyx Grey / Vicenza Oak

Refurbishing your STEM space? Complimentary space design session for schools...