3D Printing - Novelty or Necessity?

3D Printing - Novelty or Necessity?

Now widely accepted, the possibilities and benefits that 3D printing brings to education are well documented. Once a novelty in many classrooms and maker spaces, 3D printers are again flourishing as valuable classroom tools thanks to advanced technology, lower costs, and enhanced products and services.

How do you use this brilliant technology to reach a high level of student engagement?

3D modelling and printers can bring almost any educational concept to life while building practical skills such as problem-solving, creative coding and design. The benefits of 3D printing for students — engagement, deeper learning, and the strengthening of workforce skills — are vast. By exploring the educational benefits, collaboration opportunities, how to introduce 3D printing into the classroom and where to find funding resources, teachers, schools and colleges will be even more prepared to help pupils today become the makers of tomorrow.

TSL has the benefit of many years of supplying, installing and maintaining 3D printers in education. We have combined this expertise to create a number of guides, designed to aid and inform your application and purchasing decisions.

3D Printer Buying Guide

3D Printing In Education

3D Printer Filament Guide

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