How to plan a workshop for modern D&T

How to plan a workshop for modern D&T

If your school is refurbishing or creating new spaces for Design & Technology education in secondary schools, this guide is for you.

“How to plan a workshop for modern D&T” has been written specifically for departmental staff, facilities management, and school leadership to support decision-making alongside architects and space planners, and help ensure you have a facility that is fit for purpose for years to come. 


What's in your essential guide

The guidance provided here will ensure the space you create allows you to weather technological, curricula, and staff changes to take this area of study into the future. This guidance is far from exhaustive but will draw your attention to some of the major factors for your space.

Looking for someone to design your space?

WF Education’s design team has planned and installed thousands of education spaces around the world. By taking you through a complete design process, we ensure your space is functional, inspiring, and safe for years to come.


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