Night Light Project

Night Light Project


Key Stage 3 lighting projects concentrate on the design and manufacture of lighting using simple electronics but with complex and functional part modeling.

Students will spend time considering the function and their target audience, before designing a unique solution. The concept of lighting can be used for students to learn about different designers and design eras, designing a lamp that is inspired by a chosen designer or design era.


During key stage 3 students use a wide range of materials to design and make products. They will develop their understanding of designing and making and expand their practical skills. They will use computers, including computer-aided design and manufacture, as an integral part of designing and making.

Students will use technologies to produce an effective night light. This project aims to introduce students to vacuum forming, simple circuits, and soldering. Students will also be introduced to the use of computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacture by using a laser cutter and 2D design. These processes also allow for an insight into the methods used in industry and the manufacture of mass production products from prototypes.

The laser cutter will be used to cut and engrave a design of their choice into the light in clear 3mm Acrylic sheet.

Students will transfer their design ideas into CAD software, where they will learn to vectorize and manipulate images. The Vacuum Former and wooden mould (MDF) will be used to produce a base for the Acrylic top to be positioned.

Rainbow (colour changing) LED’s will be used as the light source for the night light.

Download your free 2D Design CAD/CAM files for the product case:


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