Discover the Everna™ System


Unlimited combinations of application, colour, and configuration to create unique spaces.

Choose your perfect configuration...

The carefully considered modular elements of the system allow for limitless combinations of colour, application and layout which give library professionals and educators real control over designing their library and learning spaces.

Each of our modules can be simply linked together or with the use of angled fillets to create unique corners or zones bespoke to your space and your requirements. Maximise the utilisation of spaces and the engagement of patrons or students with distinct areas perfectly adapted to their purpose and function.

This cleverly designed range of modular furniture consists of a standard bay, with inserts to suit every permutation of modern learning space, including shelving, reading dens, study areas, display, acoustic panelling, scribble boards and elegant storage options. 

The Everna™ system consists of single or double-sided bays with multiple shelving options, reading dens, modular seating, study areas, display, acoustic panelling, scribble boards and elegant storage options. 

With elements available in a range of contemporary colours and finishes, the only limit is your imagination...


The Everna™ range is versatile and adaptable and can create larger library fit-outs and refurb projects as easily as smaller corners or designated reading zones.

Please, browse our suggested modules designed for reading, collaborating, studying or relaxing for inspiration and ideas. Your space. Your design.

Reading and Relax - Perfect for creating defined spaces in public or school libraries. Create runs of shelving to show off your collection and engage young readers. A comfortable reading zone with a Cosi den to curl up with a hook. 

Group Study - Perfect for group work and project collaboration encouraging creative thinking and building communication skills. Space to use whiteboards to explore problem-solving and open up discussion of a topic.

Present-It Space - Perfect for creating spaces for the dvelpoment of key 21st-century presentation skills. Ideal for sixth form or secondardy school leranin spaces. Includes amphitheatre-style soft flexible seating, which is easily reconfigured.

Claria™ - A seating collection thta can be reconfigured according to the requirement. Cleverly designed, light and easy to reconfigure, Claria™ can be adapted for any size space. Can be used as a seat or a surface, ideal for collaborative discussion or presentation.

Read and Explore - Designed for Primary school or smaller library spaces, ignite a passion for books with easily accessible displays. Combine shelving and display to encourage autonomy with diverse reading material. Combine with matching floor-level browser boxes for younger students.

Breakout Space - A flexible informal environment where students can meet, relax and socialise. Design a comfortable zone with the Everna™ and configurable Claria™ seating. Can be used for meetings and collaborative work, projects, social events, and presentations.

We have designed both Primary and Teen reading modules, designed specifcally for encouraging

and supporting different age groups with their reading.