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Highlight | Showcase | Recommend

Choosing your next read can be daunting, particularly when faced with so much choice, but it can be particularly challenging for unconfident readers. Variety is key to broadening horizons and assisting readers to explore new authors, genres and formats.

It is, therefore, necessary to bring ranges closer to the reader and to draw attention to the breadth and variety available to them. Why not create a section “Our choice of the week”, “Our favourites”, “Our summer selection” “Books about Love” “Stories Tackling race” New Non-Fiction Titles, etc.

These displays ensure a thorough rotation of the entire collection but also help children of all ages discover authors and titles that are new, relevant, or stimulating.

Playing a vital role in circulation rates, easels are excellent tools for creating simple displays beautifully and cost-effectively. Easels highlight new titles without taking anything away from the visual impact of the book's cover.

Displays should be current, changed regularly, and should meet the interests and needs of your library community.

Mobile express units and shelving units are also a helpful tool in your setup and assist in the clear promotion of books in your library:

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