Shhhh… it’s Library Quiet!

Shhhh… it’s Library Quiet!
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Fed up of using trolleys that are heavy, noisy and difficult to manoeuvre? Don’t let your tranquil library environment be spoiled by noisy and unsuitable book trolleys.

The superior quality LibraryQuiet™ Book Trolley offers you the silent transportation of books and a seamless experience when dealing with the day-to-day tasks of new stock, reshelving book returns and moving materials around your space.

LibraryQuiet™ Trolleys also come in a beautifully selected range of colours, adding a pop of both contemporary design and vibrance to your space.

It may seem a tedious task to spend time selecting the right book trolley for your library, however, a range of considerations should be taken into account: Frequency of use, distance to be covered, the weight of the materials to be transported, and the location of loading (book returns bank) and unloading (tracks, reserves) etc. –  all factors which could save you time, efforst and money. 

Here are a few tips on what to look for when selecting the right trolley for your library:


A hard-wearing metal, which is lighter and more manoeuvrable would be a preferable choice.

However, some metal trolleys can be noisy depending on the floor covering. It is imperative that trolleys are equipped with noise-cancelling and welded castors, they will be more solid and discreet.

A wooden trolley can be heavier to transport, and the structure can loosen under intensive use (the trolley will become less stable, and you may get rattling).


Wide horizontal shelves can accommodate any type of content; however, documents will be less stable and risk falling. Inclined shelves allow a better transport of documents.

A single-sided cart is a good compromise. It is lighter and more manoeuvrable but has a limited capacity. A double-sided cart offers maximum capacity but once loaded can be heavy and more difficult to manoeuvre. A trolley with additional book supports optimises lighter document stability and would be practical if this was an everyday requirement.


4-wheel, multi-directional steering is optimum, the trolley is more manoeuvrable and makes it easier to go through narrow and congested aisles. High friction wheels make it easy to go up a slope whilst low friction wheels will be easier to control but do require more effort when pushing.


Choose rounded bars, they offer better grip and are more comfortable. Forget about trolleys without handles, they are difficult to push and to pull and very hard to manoeuvre easily. Likewise, those with a T handle will be difficult to turn in a tight space.

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