A Guide to Hand Protection

A Guide to Hand Protection
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In many laboratory practicals and scenarios, gloves are not a necessity. However, it is crucial to keep a good stock of a variety of glove types for when they are needed, whether in the classroom or prep room.

At Timstar you will find a range of hand protection available, from Kevlar gloves to protect from cutting, to heat (and cold) resistant gloves and highly chemically resistant gloves for working with concentrated acids in the prep room, through to vinyl, polythene, and nitrile gloves for more routine use in the prep room and laboratory.

Download our guide where you will find all the information you need to make educated decisions on the type of gloves you are using and supplying to your students. Whether these are reusable or single use; polythene or nitrile. We give you the current regulations relating to gloves, along with up-to-date CLEAPSS/SSERC guidance.



Gloves are an important asset within the science department, but the right glove for the right job is even more important, for everyone's safety and protection. 

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