Back to School Check List

Back to School Check List

So, the summer is over and it's back to the daily grind, all hands to the pump! Welcome back to the new school year! 

Although you will have done your end of year checks, with the 5 or 6 weeks of downtime at the school it is good to get a few initial checks out of the way before lessons start in earnest. 

From making sure water pipes have been flushed over the summer, to checking for birds' nests in the ventilation. Check out our checklist to set you off on the best foot for the year ahead. 

Here we have put together a handy printable checklist of just some* of the jobs you might need to be working through as the new term starts.

*If you have any other suggestions, please, do let us know!


Do you have a new technician joining your team for the new school year? 

We can, exclusively, supply a great guide to help support their technician journey. Full of helpful information including a picture glossary of equipment and lots of technical knowhow, charts, tables, diagrams and methods.

Please, see an example extract below:

Also available as part of a New Technicians Pack, with a lab coat, safety specs and other useful items that every science technician should have.

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