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A Dynamic Way to Teach Science – NEW & Exclusive to Timstar (UK) 


Datalogging is the practice of measuring the collection of data over time, looking at data sets, data points and logging intervals. This seamless collaboration between science, technology and data analysis is becoming a vital tool in education, for teachers and students alike.

The possibilities for datalogging within education are endless. Whether it is investigating the effect of light on photosynthesis or logging temperature changes over time, Timstar has a considered range of datalogging sensors that can support scientific enquiry, can be integrated into required science practicals, or used to further enhance the learning experience.

‘Using this equipment helps bring science alive and develops students’ confidence with using technology that is different from what they usually encounter in class.’

What are the educational benefits of datalogging? 

Develop students’ higher-order thinking skills

Encourage their science argumentation skills

Students work like ‘real’ scientists

Inquiry-based learning

Develop other skills such as numeracy and literacy

Works very well with EAL students

Links the computing and science curriculum 


Our extensive anecdotal evidence suggests that datalogging assists students to take their science work more seriously. They also become more aware of the need to take accurate measurements when working on varied investigations. Another benefit was that their understanding of graphs and reporting data and their findings improved quickly when seeing ‘science’ in real-time.

Here are just a few examples of how data logging can align perfectly with the taught curriculum:

Lesson theme Sensors used
Cooling curves Temperature
Habit types Light, temperature
Acid & alkalis pH
Endothermic and exothermic reactions Temperature
Insulation Temperature
Measuring speed and acceleration Light gates

NEW & EXCLUSIVE Datalogging for Education 

Cobra SMARTsense sensors connect wirelessly (Bluetooth) or wired (USB) directly to a smartphone, tablet, or desktop PC.   

Using the free and award-winning measureAPP measurement software (for iOS, Android, and Windows), measured values can be easily recorded and graphically displayed.

Introducing our extensive range of sensors…

For more information and specifications download the NEW Timstar Datalogging in Education brochure or take a look at the range online: 

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