Invest in Datalogging

Invest in Datalogging

What is datalogging?

Datalogging is the process of collecting and storing data over time, looking at data sets, data points and logging intervals. This seamless collaboration between science, technology and data analysis is becoming a vital tool in education, for teachers and students alike.

For more than 100 years PHYWE has been developing, producing, supplying and installing scientific equipment, experiments and solution systems for school education and scientific research.

Why Phywe?

Timstar is pleased to partner with Phywe to bring you state-of-the-art German technology with over 40 Cobra SMARTsense sensors offering fast connection and data exchange via Bluetooth, and for many sensors, additionally via USB, to a smartphone, tablet, or PC. We offer FREE MeasureAPP software that is compatible with IOS, Android and Windows, making datalogging easy to understand and cost-effective.

Introducing our extensive range of over 40 Phywe sensors…

Up to 32,000 measured values per second guarantee precision and recordings with up to 17 measuring channels simultaneously are possible.

What are the educational benefits of datalogging?

  •  Develops higher-order thinking skills
  •  Encourages scientific reasoning skills
  •  Supports inquiry-based learning
  •  Improves and develops numeracy skills
  •  Works very well with EAL students
  •  Links the computing and science curriculum

Free easy-to-use software!

We offer FREE software unique to our sensors that is compatible with most devices, making datalogging easy to understand and cost effective.

Reasons to invest in datalogging with Timstar ...

Over 40 sensors with more than 70 measured quantities for all subjects.

Free and easy-to-use software! Compatible with most devices

Free technical support! Helpful guidance and expert advice

Free resources supporting teachers and technicians

Excellent service and friendly customer support team

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