Properties of Enzymes

What are Enzymes? - The Working Conditions and Properties of Enzymes

What are enzymes and why should we care about them? These are probably the two most common questions that come to mind when talking about enzymes. They are essential for life but are a topic that is not frequently discussed.

The human body is the most complex structure known to man. It is home to millions of tiny, invisible workers that perform various finely balanced functions to keep it healthy and happy. These are enzymes.

All living things have enzymes. They are naturally produced proteins that act as catalysts for various reactions in the human body. They help us to break down fats, sugars, and other components in our food so that the body can utilise them.

Enzymes have a range of properties that make them excellent catalysts for accelerating chemical reactions. Their small size and ability to bind with their specific substrate while remaining unharmed make them perfect for speeding up the biochemical processes. Enzymes feature heavily in many Biology practicals' but finding the right ones to use can be quite complicated as they work on different substrates, produce different products, and have different optimal working conditions.  


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