Hockey is for Everyone!


Hockey is for Everyone!

Hockey is pretty inclusive. As the UK’s most gender-equal sport, Hockey can be played by everyone regardless of age, ability or gender. You don’t have to be a fitness expert to enjoy the game, it is accessible for every level of fitness, ability, and body shape.

The sport can be mentally stimulating, will improve your fitness and your hand-eye co-ordination. For students, matches can be smaller-sided, played on any surface, and use larger, lighter, and safer balls.

Maudesport has created some free guidance for schools to deliver some fun inclusive school sport.

With agility being a large part of hockey, these drills focus on short and sharp movements while still maintaining control of the ball.

Top 5 Benefits of Hockey

1. Develops general physical fitness by playing a fun game.

2. Improves balance and boost agility as you work on your hand-eye coordination skills.

3. Enhances mental strength due to the feel-good hormones that get released during exercise.

4. Boosts speed and endurance and improves your stamina.

5. Promotes communication skills by working as part of a team.

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