Yoga for Primary Schools

Yoga for Primary Schools

Improve memory and reduces anxiety in your classroom

As well as reducing anxiety and stress levels, Yoga has been shown to improve both memory function and attention span in children of all ages, significantly increasing their academic performance.

Introducing Yoga into Primary school brings something new to your PE lessons and will encourage the benefits of mindfulness and relaxation to your students at the same time. Today children's yoga is accepted and valued and practised in schools around the UK.

You could trial sessions at the beginning or end of your school day or as special sessions around assessments and exams. 

If you are not familiar with teaching Yoga, then we have created a lesson plan and pose cards to help you to structure your lesson and get your students challenging their body and mind for a better well-being.

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Yoga promotes...


…which has shown an increase in self-esteem and self-confidence in students!

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