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"Cantilibra™ shelving is so versatile... other shelving can look great but it's not good when you can't move it. That's why I always use Cantilibra™"

- Richard Reed, Area LIbrary Manager (South Wales) 

Richard Reed is the Library Area Manager of South Wales. He is responsible for overseeing all of the libraries in the area and makes key decisions for them all. He has worked in the library industry for decades, and always trusted the Cantilibra™ shelving system when designing upgrades for his library spaces. Richard has come to WF Education time and time again, and here’s why….

“Cantilibra™ shelving is always my go-to. Because we choose the standard white it can be used across all of my libraries to complement all of our different colours and themes. On top of that, it’s so flexible. It means I can take shelving from one library to another if necessary, and it fits in perfectly.”

Take a look at some of Richard's libraries by downloading our case studies!

Mountain Ash Library

The Mountain Ash Library space in Rjpmdda Cyon is in the heart of the town and benefits from a central location next door to the Community Hub. The hub also houses an advice service, community cafe, and bookable rooms - all under one roof, encouraging more people to make use of the services.


Treorchy Library

WF Education is delighted to have been involved in the 'next chapter' of Treorchy Library's history. The development of this Community Hub makes use of two cultural assets - the threatre and the library, to create a more modern and flexible space which can holda wide range of events and activities.


Pontypridd Library

The new £38 million develpoment in Pontypridd comprises three buildings - two office blocks and a flagship community building, containing community facilities, a library, council offices, leisure and fitness centre, retail unit, and cafe.


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