Introducing Akira™

The Akira™ system comprises of a range of heavy-duty, modular, and mobile furniture systems. Designed to bring flexibility to traditionally inflexible Design & Technology and STEAM, practical learning spaces.  

Our solution empowers teachers to create modern environments to suit their teaching styles. The Akira™ system also adapts spaces to students’ differentiated learning styles. Designed for use in D&T spaces such as Resistant Materials workshops, Robotics labs, CAD/CAM suites, Art & Design, and Textiles.  

The true versatility of Akira™ means your space can be easily reconfigured to adapt to  applications and teaching and student requirements.  

Learning takes a dynamic form when students have the opportunity to practice what they have been taught. No one can predict how education, technology, and teaching modalities will evolve, therefore, Design & Technology learning spaces must have the ability to adapt to whatever changes the future may hold. Akira™ delivers just that!

We design, manufacture, and install – doing the hard work for you from start to finish! 

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If you are limited on rooms or have a suite of dedicated D&T spaces – the true flexibility of  Akira™ mobile systems will transform and future proof your space. If you are planning or currently have dedicated D&T rooms, select from the below to see how Akira™ can bring your learning space to life…

Why Akira™?


The Birth of Akira™

WF Education Group has installed over 12,000 learning spaces over 4 continents. After supplying education resources across the globe for many years, and working with education specialists, we acknowledge just how valuable flexibility can be – to school leaders, teachers, and students! This was the foundation for designing and manufacturing our very own range of furniture for D&T and STEAM education.

Static classrooms and fixed furniture are becoming something of the past.  Being able to reconfigure D&T spaces to suit dynamic timetables, gives autonomy to create an environment that will enable students to focus on the lesson at hand (from resistant materials and textiles to robotics/electronics and CAD/CAM suites), allowing them to fully concentrate on projects, themes, and topics being taught.  We learned that it is the ability to move your machinery around on the fly which best supports a dynamic STEM-style environment that helps learners to embrace D&T as a creative and innovative subject.  

Following an intensive product development process came the birth of Akira™. Built on castors and built to last – the range delivers true flexibility, outstanding quality, and longevity to our customers.

We pride ourselves on the quality and durability of our products – they have been designed and built to last. 

Akira™ products are built to withstand frequent use and wear and tear that a busy D&T workshop undergoes year on year. The products have been designed to provide unparalleled rigidity and stability. Akira™ is a sustainable solution – the steel frame’s considerable lifespan, coupled with the replaceable nature of modular components such as panels, worktops, storage, and power units, resulting in a product solution that will stand the test of time under heavy educational usage. The Akira™ range is designed and manufactured in the UK by WF Education Group.

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We design, manufacture, and install – doing the hard work for you from start to finish!