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Workshop Installations

Fabrication Spaces

The mobile and versatile Akira™ range means it can be easily maneuvered to quickly adapt any space, at any time; ensuring that your space, specifically machinery, extraction, and benching, is no longer fixed and restrictive for the evolution of the subject within your school or college.

Ferndown Upper School Case Study

A brand new space for students to embrace STEM and create a drive to support students to learn technology and computing.


St Margaret's Case Study

A brand new multi-activity, flexible practical teaching space for fabrication, CAD/CAM, textiles, design, and robotics.

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TSL is one of the UK's leading machinery and equipment suppliers for Design and Technology in schools and colleges. TSL provides solutions and resources which inspire students in STEAM, Design Technology, and Engineering education and prepares them for a modern workplace. We believe that the development of critical thinking, communication, and collaboration skills in education is vitally important to solve today’s global challenges and create a sustainable future.

Discover our range of approved DT equipment, which we have collated specifically for schools and colleges. We have an extensive range of specialist school D&T equipment, easily searchable by category or product type and based on the secondary and further education curriculum. TSL also provides a design and installation service for future-proof flexible practical teaching environments.

Our ranges cover product design, engineering, rapid prototyping, fabrication, 3D printing, electronics, CAD/CAM, robotics, art, and graphics.

Our friendly and accessible team is here to help you select and purchase the DT equipment you need when you need it. Any questions? Please, contact us today!